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February 2020

Episode 49 Q&A w/ Karen Weeks: Be the change | Development, Reskilling, Future of Work and Career Pivots

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Welcome back Workplace Labbers! We hope you’ve had a wonderful start to your 2020. It’s been busy and as some have expressed an emotionally draining year already! Listen in for some great advice from a brand new co-cost Karen Weeks! Yay. Our theme this episode is about not letting change just happen to you… but how to be a part of the change.

We talk about prepping for feedback conversations around the future of your career, understanding reskilling and the future of work and taking advantage of online courses, and we also discuss how to know if you are ready for a work pivot.

The resources we mentioned are,, and Open educational resources. Happy learning. 🙂

You can find Karen on Linkedin under Karen D Weeks and at her blog

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