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Workplace Lab Podcast: Episode 38 w/ Caroline Stokes- Tips from an Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter!

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I am joined by the delightful Caroline Stokes, founder of FORWARD and the Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter. We discuss the key to getting hired, the importance of EQ or emotional intelligence and if it’s possible to change how much of it you have. Caroline also, in true form, interviews me! We have a lot of fun. Listen now.

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Workplace Lab Podcast: Episode 36 w/Craig Filek- Finding your unique purpose | What is “flow” and how do you achieve it? | Purpose mapping and how to start today

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Today’s episode is full of pearls of wisdom. I am joined by Craig Filek, a 20+ year career and lifestyle coach with a philosophy and science based approach. He created a tool called Purpose Mapping to help driven people like you and I focus in on our unique purpose. We also discuss flow state and how to get there as well as how to avoid mistakes when embarking on this journey, he even gives us a simple exercise to start today! Listen now!

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