Workplace Lab Podcast Ep 44 w/ Bill Patti: Could the key to your success in life be the sound of your voice?

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In this episode, I interview Bill Patti, a life-long voice coach who has helped hundreds find their very best selves by tweaking their speaking voices.

We discuss a variety of ways your voice can help you position yourself credibly at work, and I ask Bill for tips on how to tweak your voice if you’ve fallen into bad speaking habits. I also ask Bill for his views of how women can avoid some common gender pitfalls with just their tone of voice.

Find out more and book time with Bill at https://yourvoiceprofessor.com/

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Workplace Lab Podcast- ReRelease: #Metoo | Drug using boss | Pay Freeze | Group Chats

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Listen to a throwback episode where we explore the #metoo movement, and answer some of your burning questions.
1. What to do when you find out your boss is doing drugs?
2. What to do when there’s a pay freeze and somehow you got a raise, and
3. How to handle racists or sexist comments in a work-related group chat.

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Workplace Lab Podcast Ep 42 w/ Anmol Singh: Calculated Risk | “The Side Hustle” | Intraprenuership | Work/Life Integration

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Welcome back from our Spring Hiatus! We’ve got some exciting news in store for you in the coming weeks, but until we announce that… 🙂 🙂

Please listen to our latest podcast interview with Anmol Singh of Livetraders.com- he specializes in day trading and teaching others about the unique psychology behind trading.

He gives some tips that are transferable no matter what industry you are in and we delve into a multitude of topics including taking calculated risks, why waiting to find your passion won’t get you very far, why integrity matters and starting or scaling your own “side hustle” which is a must in Anmol’s book!

Find Anmol on Livetraders.com and on social media under his handle: @deltaninety

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Workplace Lab Podcast Ep 41 w/Tim Dahlby- Do job titles matter? | Taking a demotion | Bad reference from current boss

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This is our final episode before Spring Break! Join us again 7th April.

I am again joined by HR friend, Tim Dahlby for some Q&A, but first we try something new and check out twitter’s viral hit on office #clapbacks.

We answer your questions on whether or not your job title really matters and how important is your job description. We tackle a question from someone contemplating the repercussions from a demotion before agreeing to take one, and finally we discuss someone who feels as if their current manager might be limiting their future opportunities by giving negative feedback as a reference.

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Workplace Lab Podcast Ep 40 w/ Rocky Romanella- Balanced leadership | Intrapreneurship | Foot in the door | Legacy

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In our 40th episode (woohoo!) I interview, Rocky Romanella, a speaker and author with over 40 years in industry with an interesting origin story.

We discuss a variety of topics, including what being a “balanced leader” means, how intrapreneurship differs from its more famous cousin, entrepreneurship. Rocky takes an “audience question about getting your foot in the door and whether working your way up is worth it, and we also talk about legacy. Whether you are early in your career, or have a lot to give back- legacy is important!

See more about Rocky at 3SIXTY Management Services.

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Workplace Lab Podcast: Episode 39 w/Tim Dahlby- 2 competing job offers | Company Downsizing Q&A | Returning to work from a career break

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Welcome back- in this episode I am joined by HR expert and recurring co-host Tim Dahlby! We answer 3 more questions from you.

First, a question from someone who has a really great problem: two job offers! We navigate the ups and downs to such a situation. Next, we discuss someone who has a 6 month transition through company downsizing. We give some tips on what you should be thinking about on the HR and personal life change front alike. Finally, we talk someone through how to get back into the job market after taking a break to care for their children.

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Workplace Lab Podcast: Episode 38 w/ Caroline Stokes- Tips from an Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter!

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I am joined by the delightful Caroline Stokes, founder of FORWARD and the Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter. We discuss the key to getting hired, the importance of EQ or emotional intelligence and if it’s possible to change how much of it you have. Caroline also, in true form, interviews me! We have a lot of fun. Listen now.

Find more about Caroline below:

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Workplace Lab Podcast: Episode 37 w/ Jen Burton: Set up for failure with Promotion | Backstabbing boss | Women in the Workplace

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Happy New Year Workplace Lab Family! It’s great to be back! We are joined by my good friend and HR expert, Jen Burton.

We tackle two meaty questions from two women having some serious battles in the workplace. The first comes from someone who feels like a recent promotion and vague job description have set her up for failure. Our next question comes from a woman who doesn’t get along with her female boss and has just found out her boss lied to others about her intentions to return to work after pregnancy.

Very juicy questions! Tune in to hear advice from Jen and myself!

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Behind the Scenes of Workplace Lab

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Missing your dose of the Workplace Lab podcast during winter hiatus?

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Winter hiatus- New Episodes coming 6 Jan 2019

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